New Flasher Unit

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New Flasher Unit

Suitable for Lambretta Li 175 Series 2, Lambro 175, 450, 550, 550N, 550A, 500L, 550/600V, 550/600M and 500/550ML

It is necessary to change the bulbs in the front indicator to 21/5 bulbs and te rear indicators to 15w festoon bulbs to ensure the flash of the unit is the correct speed. 

This unit has spade connectors. Li 175, Lambro 175 and 200 use bullet connectors on the loom so it is necessary to replace these ends with spade connectors. If you need them and do not have any, please put a note in the order and we sill send 3 with the unit. 


Innocenti Part Number: 42981280