New Slave Cylinder Repair Rubber

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41042043 / 42942128

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Product Description

New Slave Cylinder Repair Rubber

Repair rubber for the internal slave cylinder piston. For use when reconditioning your slave cylinders

Part Number: 00671916 - For FDC

Part Number: 41042043 - For Series 1 and 2 Li 175, Lambro 175 and Lambro 200 (2 required per vehicle)

Part Number: 42942128 - For Lambro 450, 550, 550N, 550A, 500L, 500ML/550ML 550M/600M and 550V/600V (4 required per vehicle)


TIP: Slave Cylinders can be difficult to find. If your cylinder body is sound, with no breaks and the threads in both the bleed nipple and brake connection holes, we recommend refurbishing them. To do this, remove the piston (s) and rubbers, clean the inside of the body with some fine sandpaper and a piece of scouring pad (be gentle!) with some brake cleaner. Ensure that the walls of the inside of the cylinder are completeley smooth and all residues are removed. Hard residue or grooves in the cylinder especially on the walls will mean the rubber will not seal properly. Clean the piston to remove residue and any rust. Attach new rubbers to the piston (/s) and reassemble! 

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