Set of 4 - Re-manufactured Aluminium Half Hinge

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Set of 4 - Re-manufactured Aluminium Half Hinge

Hands down one of the hardest parts to find for Lambro - so we fixed it :) 

These have been specially made for us in the UK. We have made two improvements to weak points in the original design. We have had the voids inside partially filled for added strength and instead of cast in bolts, we have replaced with a screw in stud (reverse thread into the aluminium) so if you do over-tighten or they break (in 40 years time!) they can be easily replaced without having to replace the whole half hinge. 

Due to the manufacturing technique there may be some tiny inclusions or pin pricks but we are really excited about them - we hope you are too! :) 

We have a limited number available in this batch. Next batch will be end of August. We will list these for sale seperately (1 unit rather than a set of 4) in the coming weeks. 

Please note this is for the half hinges (the aluminium casting part) and you will need to reuse the steel half hinges from your original doors. 

These fit all round cabin Lambros with non-suicide doors; late Series 2 Li 175, Lambro 175, 200, 450, 550, 550N, 550A and 500L